Travel Together

It’s hard to keep us digital nomads in one place for too long before we get itchy feet.

That’s why we from Codino organize ¨workations¨. These are usually week-long holidays to other places in Spain or another country. Or we go on coworking and mastermind retreats for a weekend just outside of Barcelona.  And as the name suggests, we are not just on a vacation together – we also get work done.

Barcelona is in a great base for moving around. There is much to see and do nearby. And also the airport is well connected to other Mediterranean countries and places around Europe. No matter if you fly, take a train or the bus – travelling from here won’t cost you an arm and a leg.

Some workations will take place in cities, others in the countyside, either at the beach or in the mountains. But you will always experience exciting, exotic or exceptionally beautiful destinations. So far, we’ve visited other spots all around Spain, travelled to Portugal, Germany and Morocco and even went skiing in Bulgaria.

Here are just a few reasons why you should come on our next workation:

  • Feed your travel bug addiction. The rest of Spain and Europe have so many cool cities to visit. They are close by and easy to travel to.
  • Hang out, expand your network and have fun with other digital nomads. We get to know each other well, as we all spend a few days together. Many long-lasting friendships are made like this.
  • Get work done from the place we rent out, a coworking space or the local cafe. We don’t just have a fun holiday… we have a productive one too. Let’s set our goals. Get our things done until afternoon, and enjoy the rest of the day.
  • Surround yourself with others, who want to get their stuff done. An environment with focused, creative and inspiring people will keep you motivated. Let’s put off our procrastination habits for tomorrow.
  • Enjoy a great bonding experience with like-minded people as we go sightseeing together, have group dinners and then party at night – or go back to our work for another night shift.
  • We organize retreats near Barcelona, as well as other attractive destinations all over Europe which are easy to reach.
  • Sometimes a change of scenery is just what you need to get your creative juices flowing. Then you can come back to Barcelona feeling fresh and ready to get stuck into kicking ass.

There’s usually a small friendly bunch of us who’ll make you feel welcome. After the workation you’ll have gotten work done and made memories you’ll cherish forever. Just don’t forget to bring some work to do and your laptop.

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