If you want to learn from experts in online-businesses, get insights from successful entrepreneurs or listen to stories of experienced digital nomads, the Nomadtalks are the right event for you!

The Nomadtalks are usually for free and happening in our partner coworking-space.. Not all of them are TEDx style presentations, although we already had some high class speakers at our Nomadtalks events. You can also join more interactive Nomadtalks workshops or attend a meditation session.
You might learn much more on our offline Nomadtalk events, surrounded by people with the same interest, than through any paid online-course.
And there is also time enough for socializing and getting to know the other attendees before and after the presentation – as we have always a fridge full of cold beers ready for you.

If you want to share us your story, expertise and knowledge and not suffer from stage-fright (or would like to overcome this fear) – contact us at [email protected] to become a speaker or workshop organizer yourself!
We’ll come back to you, letting you know if the topic is interesting for or community, find the right venue for you and promote the event through our channels.