Coworking Days

Coworking Meetups

Do you enjoy working for yourself yet find it tough to stick to a routine and get work done? By working together, we can keep you focused and motivated on your work. So you can be more productive and do higher quality work.

Every week a good dozen of us get together in cafés, coworking-spaces, rooftop bars and other venues. We meet up anywhere where we can be productive and have reliable Wi-Fi. As well as helping you to work better you can make friends with like-minded coworkers. Even clients and business partners are often found at our events

Our co-working days usually start at 10am, though you can call by and join in at any time. Working together like this offers you many benefits:

  • Make friends with other location-independent people from all walks of life.
  • Work at your best – as you’ll be surrounded by motivated people. Getting things done never felt so at ease.
  • Get inspired by coworkers with all kinds of backgrounds and vast experiences.
  • Grow your business faster – you’re more productive and have a wider professional network
  • Find new clients or talented people to work with. Our members are entrepreneurs, freelancers and remote employees.
  • Enjoy a productive and fun day – as you can get your work done in a social environment.

And that’s not all… we also partner with some of the best coworking spaces in town. By booking through us you’ll get discounts and special nomad deals. Ask for the discount code when you sign up!

Our recommended partner coworking spaces are:

Transforma BCN 

Depot Lab 

La Vaca Coworking