Live with Other Digital Nomads

As you might know – Barcelona is very popular and highly demanded among tourists, expats and Digital Nomads. There are plenty of choices in town. The main question is where to stay and where to find inspiring people to live with?

It’s not easy arriving in a new city and finding the right kind of accommodation. You may not know anybody or what areas may suit your needs. Add to this the hassle of finding a place if you want to stay for only a few weeks or months.

Not to worry. We can help you out providing a place to stay. Living together with people you were looking for. At places which were tested and recommended by our community members. So, you can be sure you’re living in an environment conductive to your work and make friends with like-minded people. And should you want your own place we can help you with this too.

We are working together with coliving communities, apartment agencies, hostels and guesthouses. And if some of our more settled community members in town have a room to spare or an apartment to sublet, we let you know.  

We can help you with your accommodation needs in the following ways:

  • Find fair priced accommodation within your budget and in a good area with all the necessities, supermarkets, close to metro stops, nearby coworking spaces etc.
  • Live in a good work environment with fast WiFi and nice housemates. So, you can do your work and have a fun experience.
  • Trustworthy accommodation – as we know the landlords or lease holders already. If they’re part of Codino you can be sure they’re good guys.
  • Be more motivated as your housemates will also understand your needs and expectations as a Digital Nomad. You can give each other support to work harder and get things done.
  • No language barriers as we can handle to deal with locals who may only speak Spanish or Catalan.

Sign up NOW and we’ll help you get the best place for your needs and your budget, whether you’re staying a few weeks or a few months.