The Community of Digital Nomads in Barcelona

Meet, work, live and play with Digital Nomads, entrepreneurs and freelancers. Every week we organize new events. If you want to receive the latest news join our 1.500+ community.




Let’s get together to get our work done. We meet in coworking spaces, cafés and other venues with fast wifi


Meet other freelancers, entrepreneurs and remote working lifestyle artists at our informal after-work events


Listen to experts sharing their insights about remote working, online businesses or travel hacks


Have a soft landing in town. Share an apartment with reliable internet, coworking facilities and nice housemates


Surround yourself with the right people to brainstorm your business concepts, goal setting and be commited


Get focused on your projects and make deep connections with others while working from retreats outside of Barcelona

What’s in for you?

Get connected

We want you to meet other like-minded people. To find mentors, business partners and friends

Be productive

We want you to prvovide the ideal environment to be focused and get your work done. Work smart, not hard!

Learn what matters

We want you to learn about business, life and spirituality. So you become the best version of yourself

Have Fun!

We want you to have a good time with us in Barcelona – making a lot of new friends and enjoying your work

Community Members

Upcoming Events


05oct10:0018:00Coworking Day @ Depot Lab

12oct10:0018:00Coworking Day @ Depot Lab

16oct(oct 16)11:0023(oct 23)18:00Workation at Sunny Office - Costa de la Luz, Andalucia

19oct10:0018:00Coworking Day @ Depot Lab

26oct10:0018:00Coworking Day @ Depot Lab


02nov10:0018:00Coworking Day @ Depot Lab

09nov10:0018:00Coworking Day @ Depot Lab

16nov10:0018:00Coworking Day @ Depot Lab

23nov10:0018:00Coworking Day @ Depot Lab

30nov10:0018:00Coworking Day @ Depot Lab

Past Events

september 2017

02sep10:0013:30Digital Marketing MasterClass: Facebook & Instagram

04sep(sep 4)10:0011(sep 11)18:00Inspiration Week Coworkation in Montseny - 15% off with CODINO

07sep10:0018:00Coworking Day @ Depot Lab

09sep(sep 9)10:0010(sep 10)23:00DNX - Digital Nomad Conference in Lisbon - 20 € off with CODINO

14sep10:0018:00Coworking Day @ Depot Lab

18sep(sep 18)10:0025(sep 25)18:00Nomad City Conference in Las Palmas - 40% off with CODINO

21sep10:0018:00Coworking Day @ Depot Lab

28sep10:0018:00Coworking Day @ Depot Lab

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Your community in Barcelona to connect with location-independent people

Here we are – the community for meeting like-minded people in town!

What we have in common is being curious or passionate about the possiblites of location independent

You are at the right place, if you are a freelancer, entrepreneur or employee who can work from anywhere. Or you are interested in this new work concept.

What is the Digital Nomad lifestyle all about?

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Your shortcut to figuring out exactly what you’re here to do, and how to get started doing it, today.

According to a survey by Inc. Magazine, 63% of people want to start their own business. But the reality is that only 2% of people will ever follow their dream.

They want to start their own business, but they don’t know what they want to do. They don’t know what they can or should do. Or they don’t know what’s going to get traction with their audience or even who their audience is.

For others, they have all this excitement and pent up energy, but it’s like there’s an invisible force field stopping them. They want to be an entrepreneur, but they’re stuck, overwhelmed. They don’t know where to start, what to do next and they spin their wheels trying to come up with the “perfect” idea.

If any of this describes where you’re at right now… I get it.

I want to help you get clear on your unique gifts, what your purpose really is, and create a plan of action to move forward.

This is what we do together in Call to Adventure.


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Learn from the most experienced Digital Nomads in the world how to live the life you dream about! Here you’ll find a variety of talks, interviews and inspiring stories that will help you achieve your goals.

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